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1000 only. 35 year edition, first time on vinyl since 1984. Black Vinyl, Obi Strip. Reaching its 35th year, The Jazz Butcher's A Scandal In Bohemia is released for the first time on vinyl since 1984. Released originally on Glass Records it took a "competent little rock band" with a bassist who'd served time in Bauhaus into a world chorused by multi-track vocals and bathroom ambience. Attracting press and interest from the independent music scene, here maximum melodies are driven by David J's bass heading for a discordant dancefloor.


  • Southern Mark Smith
  • Real Men
  • Soul Happy Hour
  • I Need Meat
  • Just Like Betty Page
  • Marnie (Muscovite Mix)
  • Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
  • Mind Like A Playgroup
  • Girlfriend
  • My Desert