$16.00 USD

Warm welcome to Manuel Tur, who debuts on Lossless with his captivating Digital Fabrics EP. Expect three stripped back, warm and analogue sounding techno-ish cuts unmistakably referring to Detroit in a reminiscent yet forward thinking way.

Lossless bossmen Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb are big fans - and supporters - of Manuel Tur's music. Naturally the excitement level was high when the guys received the Digital Fabrics demos from Manuel and even went up to ecstatic while listening to the three tunes.
Masterfully stripped back productions, made with attention to all the details and a perfect interplay of rhythm and sound. These tracks just triggering all the right spots! Fast forward this EP is now on Lossless and we couldn't be happier that Manuel agreed on releasing it with us right away.

We also had a chat with Manuel about the creative process behind Digital Fabrics in which he revealed that at the time the EP came to life he had just added a new toy at his Islenyo Studios in Essen. Namely a Korg SQ-1 sequencer which was triggering some of his analogue synths. Over the course of a week or so those jams culminated in building the backbone of the Digital Fabric EP. By further adding some euphonic digital pads, Manuel set an antipode that's blending and supplementing perfectly.

Yours sincerely, LOSSLESS