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Of the numerous musicians who have played along with George Clinton in his Parliament / Funkadelic mob, perhaps the most mysterious of them all would be guitarist Tal (aka 'Tawl') Ross. Next to being one of the original Funkadelics, Ross was a vital force (and responsible for many of the rhythms and chords of the early material) on such early classics as Funkadelic, Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow, Osmium and Maggot Brain.


  • Ain't no reason
  • Green And Yellow Daughter
  • Cry And Show Me
  • Hussein (I'm Lucky)
  • Forget Her
  • Get So Mad
  • Keep On Trying
  • Feelin' Good
  • Forever (My Darling Don't Cry)
  • All Over The World (Ain't That Lovin'?)
  • Angry Fire (Intestical Swing)
  • Feeling Like Ahh Lover Should
  • Lovin' Toll Man Suite
  • It Was (Wars Of Armageddon)