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A 'collection of songs' is the most accurate description for this album. Unlike the rest of 2017's releases - or anything Gizz have produced since 2014's 'I'm in Your Mind Fuzz' - Gumboot Soup isn't held together by any semblance of a concept, leading many to dub it a sequel to their 2014 hotchpotch Oddments. Still, there is one relatively consistent element: Gumboot Soup is Gizz's most thorough embrace of melody ever, with the band going all in on infectious psych-pop tunes.

'Beginner's Luck' - not just because of its gambling-based lyrics - does this particularly well, sprinkled with Beatles influence and topped off with an exhilaratingly erratic wah-wah guitar solo. The penultimate track 'I'm Sleepin' In' commits to this idea even further, with a beat so catchy it practically begs to be clapped along to. Elsewhere, the band blend this direction with the jazz-prog rhythms of the previous two records 'Polygondwanaland' and 'Sketches of Brunswick East.'

'Barefoot Desert' and 'The Last Oasis' - both fronted by harmonica player Ambrose Kenny-Smith - achieve this in two distinct ways. The former's tight groove and yelpy vocals give it a slight Talking Heads vibe, whilst the latter's heavenly vocals and lush instrumentation sound like a hypnagogic re-imagining of a SoBE track. Muddy Water - as well as being the third Gizz song named after a description of water - is an enthralling prog folk flurry that wouldn't sound out of place on a Jethro Tull album, elaborately intertwining acoustic guitar, bass and drum rhythms. Later on, Cook Craig fronts Down the Sink, a delectable slice of funk rock unlike anything else the group have done before.


  • Beginner's Luck
  • Greenhouse Heat Death
  • Barefoot Desert
  • Muddy Water
  • Superposition
  • Down The Sink
  • The Great Chain Of Being
  • The Last Oasis
  • All Is Known
  • I'm Sleepin' In
  • The Wheel