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James Brown going strong into the 90s -- and almost hitting a mode that's a bit like some of his first few records of the 80s! James is firmly at the helm here -- producing, arranging, and writing most numbers -- and while the sound is definitely more contemporary than on his classics, there's also still a definite Godfather-ness that always shines through. Most of the upbeat numbers have that peppy, bouncy sort of vibe that James was laying down on his bigger post-disco groovers -- and a few other tracks hit a mellower, bluesier mode that's in keeping with his image on the cover.


  • Move On (So Tired Of Standing Still We Got To)
  • Show Me
  • Dance, Dance, Dance To The Funk
  • Teardrops On Your Letter
  • Standing On Higher Ground
  • Later For Dancing
  • You Are My Everything
  • It's Time To Love (Put A Little Love In Your Heart)