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MARVIN HOLMES & THE UPTIGHTS - OOH OOH THE DRAGON AND OTHER MONSTERS. Marvin Holmes was a local Oakland musician. He released a few 45s on Bay Area labels and was signed by Uni. Ooh Ooh The Dragon was his first album. MUSICIANS: Marvin Holmes - Guitar, Vocals; John Parrish - Trumpet; Gaylord Birch - Drums; Anthony Davis - Bass; Everett Walker - Tenor Sax; Elza Davis - Trombone; Patrick Hodges - Baritone Sax; Godfrey A. Smith - Bongos.


  • Ooh Ooh The Dragon
  • I've Never Found A Girl
  • Grab This Thing
  • Ride Your Mule - Part 1
  • Grazing In The Grass
  • There Was A Time
  • Who's Making Love
  • Don't Be Afraid
  • It Takes A Lot Of Good Loving
  • Lonely Too Long
  • The Horse
  • Scratch