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Marie Davidson is back with a new album, a new band, and a bold new sound: Renegade Breakdown on Ninja Tune. Arriving under the banner of Marie Davidson and L'Oeil nu, a trio formed of three old-time friends and long-term collaborators with shared roots in Montreal's DIY scene: Marie, Pierre Guerineau and Asaël R. Robitaille (the former two are also husband and wife, and partners in the group Essaie pas).

Drawn to the idea of the eternal return, they deliver a forward-facing, innovative pop record that builds on the classic tenets of Marie's music to create something that strikes out towards a broader audience. With dark humour and interpolated musical influences - from Fleetwood Mac to Kraftwerk, and jazz classics such as Billie Holiday and Chet Baker - they spin each of its entries in wildly imaginative directions.


  • Renegade Breakdown
  • Back To Rock
  • Worst Comes To Worst
  • Center Of The World (Kotti Blues)
  • La Ronde
  • C'est Parce Que J'm'en Fous
  • Just In My Head
  • Lead Sister
  • My Love
  • Sentiment