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Reissue of the New Zealanders album with Download Code. Never before released on vinyl in the UK the album, Some Were Meant For Sea exists in dappled warmness: Fullbrook's striking vocal timbre conjuring a natural imagery born from earth and sea.

Recorded in a diminutive hall, once the local school of South Gippsland, Fullbrook worked with producer J Walker (Holly Throsby, Machine Translations) and between the pair, some cello, violin, piano and accordion were added to the otherwise bare-boned songs, which were all recorded entirely live.


  • Old As The Hills
  • Priest With Balloons
  • You've Got The Kind Of Nerve I Like
  • Death Of A Russian
  • Adelphi Apartments
  • Little Notes
  • Cat In The Hallway
  • Running Through The Night
  • Just Desserts
  • Pigeon Knows
  • Bird In The Thyme
  • The Oldest Bar In Town