$20.00 USD

A label synonymous with a distinct flavour of house sweeping Italy in the ‘90s, the prolific Palmares Records discography is a gold mine of goodness from sun-kissed, italo house cuts to rave-channelling raucousness. Axe Corner’s 'Tortuga' four tracker is one such example of that latter direction and with originals trading hands for up to £150 it's high time a remastered, reissue landed.

A classic of the era, balancing breakbeat-laced, rave and hardcore sensibilities with a deft Italian flair. Four tracks produced by a quartet of some of the most masterful minds of the Italo house sound Alex Neri, Marco Baroni, Adriano Dodici and Pietro Pieretti.

‘OUT-SLD’ opens, a warehouse wall shaker, with twisted top lines and a hardcore infused underbelly.  ‘IN-SLD’ turns it into a fever pitch, acid-laden warper –atmospheric organs and all.

On the flip ‘BAD-SLD’ has more of the Riviera feel to it, classic keys drenching this in warmer rays, as ‘SLD-EFFECTS’ takes the closing spot - a stripped back, driving groover.