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Bo Diddley (El Partido 1965)

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After playing Chelsea College the night before, this was the very last date on Bo’s UK tour which took place over September and October 1965. Plugging his latest LP ‘Let Me Pass,’ this was an LP released both in the UK and in his native America. Bo getting LP releases in the UK demonstrates the degree of popularity which he enjoyed with British audiences. This was a fact no doubt helped along by every British Beat band worth their Vox amps either namechecking or covering Diddley’s material

We’re hoping that El Pardito made enough to cover in cash Bo’s fee. Legend has it that when Bo was supporting The Clash on the American dates of their Sandinista Tour, The Clash asked if it was possible for Bo to take a smaller fee as the band was losing money hand over fist, Bo coldly put his Smith and Wesson on the table and said, ‘that’s something which Bo don’t do.’

A2 (420 × 594 mm / 16.54 × 23.39”)


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