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Jimmy Cliff (El Partido, 1966)

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Artists such as Jimmy Cliff would have been a perfect fit for El Partido. In its inception it was heavily attended by a young Jamaican diaspora, the diaspora which had been welcomed to the UK to help re-build its shattered infra-structure and build the new social services after the destruction and dislocation of World War II.

This South London appearance at El Partido comes from an extended, and probably semi-permanent, UK residency for Cliff between August 1966 to and the end of 1967. There was a number of shows at the West End’s ultra-hip Whisky Au-Go-Go, as well as a dates at legendary Northern clubs such as Manchester’s Twisted Wheel and The Golden Torch in Tunstall.

This extended stay may explain while Jimmy Cliff remained on the release rooster of his record label Island after the labels’ founder Chris Blackwell shifted his focus from his initial exploration of Jamaican Ska, Bluebeat and Rocksteady releases to a focus on British Beat music and it’s progression into the psychedelic experimentation of the late 60s.

Although gaining a cult UK following among the Jamaican diaspora, original Mods and the emergent Skinhead audience, it would be on his native Jamaican turf where Cliff found his breakthrough release with the Soundtrack and star role in ‘The Harder They Come.' This positioned Cliff as Reggae’s first major star and paved the way for the likes of Bob Marley.

A2 (420 × 594 mm / 16.54 × 23.39”)

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