Rock Steady Cool

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Rock Steady Cool is another fine collection of Rocksteady hits. The ‘Cool’ subtitle could not be more relevant to an album, as around 1966, an extreme heatwave hit the Jamaican island. This would not stop the all night dances from going ahead but the jerky Ska Rhythms proved too strenuous of an activity to partake in, so a new slower beat to suit this extreme weather had to be found and the ever resourceful music entrepreneurs came up with the slower paced beat and Rocksteady was born.

This two-year Rocksteady period ran until 1968 and would see some of the power escape from the big three producers, Clement ‘Coxone’ Dodd, Prince Buster and Duke Reid. It was time to make room for a new wave of up-and-coming producers that also had something to offer the people. Such names as Joel Gibson (Joe Gibbs), Sonia Pottinger, Derrick Harriott and most prolific of them all, Mr Bunny Lee would step forward and add some new musical touches to the island.


1 Train To Vietnam - The Rudies
2 Hey Boy - Hey Girl - Derrick And Patsy
3 Bye Bye Love - Alton Ellis
4 Young Love - The Imperials
5 On The Town - Bunny And Bunny
6 Searching - Junior Smith
7 Mini Really Fit Dem - The Soul Flames
8 La La Means I Love You - Alton Ellis
9 Blue Socks – Rico
10 Cover Me - Fitz & The Coozers
11 Rhythm & Soul - Bobby Kalphat
12 Engine 59 - The Rudies
13 Music Be The Food Of Love - Derrick Morgan
14 Ready Steady Cool - Fredrick Bell
15 Warming Up The Scene - Roy Shirley*
16 Grab A Girl - Glen Adams
Format: LP
Catalogue number:KSCD087
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