A Little Less Fire

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Limited edition Orange vinyl

Danny Griffiths is a co-founding member of South London collective Archive.

Working under the name D Gee Mono, Danny teamed-up with Archive vocalist Lisa Mottram for much of the album, ‘I really wanted to work with Lisa, we were just getting to know each other as artists but hadn’t had chance to build a writing relationship yet, I was loving what we were doing together in Archive, and excited by what she was bringing to our already extraordinary team’.

out May 7th


Dirge 5
A Little Less Fire - Feat Lisa Mottram
Let It Rain - Feat Lisa Mottram
Whatever It Was - Feat Lisa Mottram
So Cold - Feat Lisa Mottram
Handy Man
Insomnia - Feat Lisa Mottram
Hope In Hell - Feat Lisa Mottram
The Cure - Feat Lisa Mottram
Format: LP
Catalogue number:VGEELP1

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