Airport Love Theme / Afro Som

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You know it's going to be a heavy record when DJ / collector Mr Thing asks you to keep a look out for a copy on your next digging trip to Brazil. Add on top of that, being sampled by Madlib on the track 'Curls' on his Madvillain album! Taken from Waldir Calmon's Waldir Calmon E Seus Multisons album on Copacabana (1970), from looking at this unassuming record cover featuring a middle-aged man sporting an impressive pair of glasses you wouldn't expect it to become the fabric to one of the songs from the iconic Madvillain album.

But like many things in life, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Airport Love Theme, like its name suggests, falls into full-on lounge territory. It's feel-good music made to be the soundtrack for a utopian world that never really was. Yet behind the silky-smooth groove is an addictive earworm waiting to be heard.


Airport Love Theme
Afro Som
Format: 7"
Catalogue number:BRZ45085

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