Beautiful Freak

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180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl. Debut studio album from Eels from 1996.

E, the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with LA band Eels, had already recorded two solo albums before teaming up with drummer Butch and bassist Tommy to produce 'Beautiful Freak'. Opener and single 'Novocaine for the Soul' set the tone: melodic, articulate pop that, like fellow LA musician Beck, makes startling and inventive use of samples, beats and odd arrangements. The Eels' music takes in post-Nirvana grunge, soul, country, hip-hop, and even jazz, all without sounding derivative; E's intensely personal lyrics are similarly multi-faceted, blending wit, angst, disaffection, and surreal urban detail - as in the mournfully soundtracked cross-city trek of 'Susan's house'. Throughout the eclectic swirl of musical influence and misanthropic irony the band never lose the ability to craft affecting laid-back pop songs and subtle, naggingly catchy hooks. an inspired album, and that rare thing, an art-house rock record full of memorable tunes.

A1 Novocaine For The Soul
A2 Susan's House
A3 Rags To Rags
A4 Beautiful Freak
A5 Not Ready Yet
A6 My Beloved Monster
B1 Flower
B2 Guest List
B3 Mental
B4 Spunky
B5 Your Lucky Day In Hell
B6 Manchild
Format: LP
Catalogue number:0600753377154

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