By The Throat (10 Year Anniversary Edition) (Watercolor Swirl Vinyl)

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After numerous successes across nearly every notable MC/DJ battle of the late 90's and early 00's, followed by their poignant debut, First Born (2001), and the innovative follow-up, E&A (2004), Eyedea and Abilities expanded upon their reputation for multi-dimensional lyricism and production, establishing the duo as a progressive and integral part of the underground hip-hop sound.

In 2009, they re-emerged with rap-punk vocals, gutted guitar riffs, and synthesized drum beats on By The Throat, their final studio release before Eyedea's untimely passing in 2010. Together, the experimental and philosophical rapper Eyedea, synchronizing with the precision and ingenuity of producer / turntablist Abilities, curated a raw form of escapism that still resonates ten years later.


Hay Fever
Spin Cycle
Time Flies When You Have A Gun
Burn Fetish
Sky Diver
Forgive Me For My Synapses
This Story
By The Throat
Format: LP
Catalogue number:RSE302LPC1

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