Can’t Let You Break My Heart/I’m Not Ready For Love

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Two teenage dancefloor gems from the 1970s. Quantrells’ only single release from 1972 goes for two to three hundred pounds if you can find a copy on the Chicago-based Yambo label. A deep soul smoocher with a glorious vocal with enormous brass stabs, it’s like a roughed up version of The Jackson 5.
Backed with Promise’s ‘I'm Not Ready For Love’; one of two singles from the mid ‘70s by this all-girl teenage four piece on the New Directions label. Built with a driving bass and the girls’ gorgeous vocals dropping into party mode over a funky guitar break midway through, it’s a classic ice breaker.

Copies go for around £100.

Remastered from the original sound source.


Can't Let You Break My Heart
I'm Not Ready For Love
Format: 7"
Catalogue number:DNSCR022
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