Cutting The Chord

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Mother Freedom Band’s Cutting The Chord is a funky modern soul classic. It’s both a criminally under- appreciated album and a hard-to-find record so Be With Records are delighted to be giving this sweet disco-funk groover the reissue treatment it deserves.

Produced by the great Al Goodman from The Moments and originally released in 1977, Cutting The Chord seems to be one of the lesser known releases on the curious, and often great “All Platinum” label. Other than a 7" of a couple of these tracks, the only thing that the band seem to have released is this album, and what an album it is. Unbeatable soul-funk of the highest quality.

Released: May 7th

Love Will Stay In Your Corner
Flick Of The Wrist
Gotta Get It Back
Mr. Brother
Beautiful Summer Day
(Assistant´s Rag) When You´re Hot
We Like To Boogie
Come On Home
Touch Me
Sweet Love
Format: LP
Catalogue number:BEWITH068LP

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