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Dance Yourself Free EP

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Tru Thoughts


Available exclusively in store on Saturday 23rd April 2022. Any/all remaining copes will be on sale online from 8pm on Friday 29th April.


Released exclusively on 500 limited numbered vinyl for Record Store Day, Rebecca Vasmant’s “Dance Yourself Free” EP is the follow up to her debut album 'With Love, From Glasgow'. Featuring four tracks, including two previously unreleased, the 12” release includes a download card with the full EP. “This EP is a homage to my love for Broken Beat and Jazz” Rebecca explains. Working with a host of talented musicians and channelling her own passion for both genres, the EP was recorded in one session of a few hours.

A blend of live and electronic music coming together with the warmth of friendship and collaboration, “Dance Yourself Free” celebrates the freedom of being in the moment and forgetting everyday stresses and worries; “That beautiful moment when every person in the club is united by the music”, Rebecca adds. “In that moment, we are all the same, we are all happy and we are all free. That’s the Dance Yourself Free moment”. 

To be announced.
Format: 12"
Label:Tru Thoughts
Catalogue number:TRUEP425
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