Different Frequencies

£ 19.99


Limited blue vinyl

Different Frequencies is a compilation album, on transparent blue vinyl and released on Nation Album Day 2021. With each track a standout record in its own right, this compilation album showcases a new generation of exciting artists at the start of their journeys. The album features Different Recordings artists such as Greentea Peng, p-rallel, NAYANA IZ, Kojaque and many more with genres ranging from UK Rap, R&B, Electronic. Different Frequencies brings together some of the highlight releases over the last couple of years from the label, this being some artists first tracks cut to vinyl.


nayana iz - tnt
kojaque - shmelly
scuti - skoowup
deema - wish i had to
p-rallel & lauren faith - blue denim jeans
greentea peng - ghost town
ishi vu - a.s.i.s.o.a. 1000
modern modern life - london wants you there
Format: LP+
Catalogue number:DIF505LP
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