Due Matte

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The fruits of an impressive meeting of two UK-based international artists. Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga, Vanishing Twin, et al ) & Marlene Ribeiro (Gnod, Negra Blanca) came together during a residency at Porto’s Hysteria in 2019, leading a week of workshops where participants improvised with bass drum, snare, gong, horns, strings, oil drum lid, chalumeau, waterphone, kalimba, noise boxes, wah tubes, bowed ceramics, handmade instruments, various electronics, vibraphone, piano, washing machine, and objects collected from the streets of Porto.

Due Matte stitches lo-fi phone recordings from the workshops into a potent, bewitching, and disorienting assemblage that will appeal to head-nodders and chin-strokers alike. Pounding, ritualistic rhythms give way to intricate textural passages. Both dense and spacious, tight and loose. Magical stuff!


Apples from Peru
Part none
Icky dream
Due matte
Run for the newborn
Viaggio inverso
Viaggio inverso (reprise)
Big circle, small circle
La luna di Pierpaolo
Brasilians on the internet
Format: LP
Catalogue number:HOP4

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