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From Dave Depper: "I came up with a plan: every day, no matter where I was or how motivated I felt, I would spend that time improvising on my guitar and recording it. I’d recently cobbled together a looping setup with my pedalboard that seemed like a good medium to experiment with. And so, for three weeks across the EU, I would dutifully set my equipment up each day and record whatever came to mind for 30 to 60 minutes. By the time I returned home to Oregon, I’d amassed over ten hours of material - much of it aimless, but some of it quite compelling. With the aid of the kind ears of some close friends, I whittled it down to the length of a record, and that’s how Europa came to be."

Copenhagen One
Manchester Two
Manchester One
Vienna Five
Brussels One
Copenhagen Five
Munich Six
Berlin One
Munich Seven
Format: LP
Catalogue number:CD-JBR-0202

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