Haly Gully B​/​W The Morning Show

£ 12.99


Kalita are excited to announce the first ever retrospective on Jamaican-born artist Desmond Chambers. With the politically conscious 'Haly Gully (Version)' only previously available on his now-invisible 1987 album 'Tiger Bom', and 'The Morning Show' only available as the B side of the equally invisible single 'I Have Seen Love In Your Eyes’, here Kalita unleashes Desmond's two most sought-after boogie-infused reggae recordings to the world once more.

With original copies currently fetching eye-watering figures on the rare occasion that they surface for sale, Kalita answer the call with a loud 12” single for all. In addition, the record is accompanied by extensive liner notes based on interviews with Desmond, plus never-before-seen contemporary photos.

Lastly, the recordings are accompanied by previously unreleased versions, as well as a phenomenal Toby Tobias remix using the original multi-track session tapes.


Haly Gully (Version)
Haly Gully (Toby Tobias Version)
The Morning Show
The Morning Show (Instrumental)
Haly Gully (Unreleased Version)
Format: 12"
Catalogue number:KALITA12018
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