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Jenny's Recordings


Available exclusively in store on Saturday 23rd April 2022. Any/all remaining copes will be on sale online from 8pm on Friday 29th April.


"This record was started in so cal 4 years ago…

And the bulk of it finished in salt lake city.. I was in dire need of a change .. I had so ,much energy , but wasn’t really allowing myself the space to fully realize my ideas .. I found over the past few years w the whole world being at odds and so much uncertainty, I was actually able to access the depth of my creativity in ways I haven’t before.. things were quiet, I felt calm and for the first time in a long while, I was comfortable w my introspection .. I wanted this album to be more lyrically based, and really encompass me as an artist , not just a musician.. I incorporated my paintings for the art, which I was also able to dive deeper with here in Utah.. and let myself go.. to be free.. instead of policing my every move, I decided to really allow the stream of my consciousness take over.. and through it I felt a lot of healing of old baggage and release of old energy.. while this album feels very present day Jenny, it also embodies a lot of old feelings I kept pent up for so long..

I also had the pleasure of collaborating w golden suns, and it was such a delight to get a new perspective on how the record would sound… I didn’t really know what I wanted until Utah.. "

To be announced.
Format: LP
Label:Jenny's Recordings
Catalogue number:3874594

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