Jazz Rock

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Though entering into jazz territory and featuring some distorted guitar, ‘Jazz Rock’ is more a beautiful marriage of funky breakbeat drumming and spiritual jazz instrumentation, combined with traditional Min’y 333; music performed on the koto and shakuhachi.

Originally released in 1973, the record sounds simultaneously vintage and con- temporary. It is akin to something Madlib might dream up whilst lost in Japan collaborating with Min’y 333; players at a recording session. The record fea- tures some amazing shakuhachi (bamboo flute) playing by Hozan Yamamoto, which gives the music a haunting, dreamlike atmosphere. You can almost visu- alise the long grass blowing in the wind, and hear the bamboo rustling in the distance on a long hot summer’s day. Takeshi Inomata, Tadao Sawai and Kazue Sawai anchor the session.

Takeshi’s exceptionally funky-drum work will almost certainly get some produc- ers dusting off and firing up their MPC’s. Whilst Kazue and Tadao work their magic on the koto (a traditional string instrument).

Though certainly not an ambient record, ‘Jazz-Rock’ has the same meditative, other-worldly quality that invites you to sit back, listen and be transported somewhere else. Unfortunately, until now the ‘Jazz Rock’ album is a scarcity that commanded a high price-tag only for the most hardened of record collec- tors. So it is pleasure to make it accessible to all, and we hope you dig this lost, obscure future classic as much as we do.

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Kuroda Bushi
Hanagasa Odori
Soran Bushi
Sansa Shigure
Hietsuki Bushi
Sado Okesa
Itsuki No Komoriuta
Kiso Bushi
Kaigara Bushi
Iso Bushi
Nanbu Ushioi Uta
Format: LP
Label:Mr Bongo
Catalogue number:MRBLP204