Jongara Zeus / Koto’s Revenge

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UK/Yorkshire born multi-instrumentalist Jules Brennan has been creating original funk, jazz and psychedelic soundscapes for most of his life. Cutting his teeth in the fertile ground of the acid jazz and hip-hop scene of 1990s Nottingham in bands such as My Family Tree and his own quirky funk combo Eekman, he then took a left turn and planted himself in Kyoto, Japan, where he has lived for 20 years. This eastern influence and his obsessive jazz vinyl collecting has inevitably filtered into his productions and lately his kaleidoscopic, Japanese-tinged instrumental grooves have been finding their way onto the airwaves, gaining support from some of the leading tastemakers of the global underground.


Jongara Zeus
Koto's Revenge
Format: 7"
Catalogue number:7DOS6
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