Last Time I Saw Grace

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Seven years and a handful of lifetimes ago, New Bums came out of nowhere with their debut album, Voices In a Rented Room - a record the New York Times described as “feeling like it’s falling apart.” New Bums took this as a compliment and, thus emboldened, they toured relentlessly in support of the release: criss-crossing the USA in the spring of 2014, with a European run that summer. Then, silence descended, as the Bums withdrew to the place from which they’d mysteriously emerged.

Now, the Bums are back. 2021 finds them with a new album in hand. Following a West Coast US tour in late 2019 it’s clear that the duo of Donovan Quinn (Skygreen Leopards) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance, Rangda, etc) are fully reanimated, as evidenced by the songs and sounds of Last Time I Saw Grace.


Billy, God Damn
Obliteration Time
Marlene Left California
Onward to Devastation
Wild Dogs
Cover Band
Tuned to Graffiti
Street of Spies
Hermitage Song
So Long, Kus
Follow Them Up the Slope
Format: LP
Catalogue number:DC809

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