Le Le

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Warren Oree is an acoustic bassist, producer and composer who founded The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble in Philadelphia in 1979. The adventurous outfit are eclectic and have a far from predictable sound that combines acoustic sounds with African and Middle Eastern influences, a hint of Afro-Cuban Orientalism, spiritual jazz and avant garden flourishes. This album was recorded in 1980 and has a truly worldwide sound that very much fits in with the sound of the current jazz revival. There is cool jazz on 'Wet Walnuts and Whipped Cream', percussive drenched grooves on the title track and much more besides. A real classic.

You Left Me Your Smile
Le Le
Wet Walnuts & Whipped Cream
One More Vodka
The Infidels
Format: LP
Catalogue number:JAZZR009
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