Lesbo Original Soundrack

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First time on vinyl. 180g black vinyl with gatefold cover edition

Recently reissued with the addition of numerous bonus tracks, it is here in its full version – 24 tracks! – on vinyl for the first time ever.

“Lesbo” is a 1969 erotic film directed by Edoardo Mulargia, his only experiment in this genre within a filmography mostly focused on Western films and sentimental/romantic comedies.

Out Apr 30th

Qualsiasi cosa , L'isola dell'amore
L'Isola Dell'Amore
Lesbo - Seq.3
A Mezza Luce
Sesso In Controluce
Lesbo - Seq.8
Lesbo - Seq.10
Lesbo - Seq.11
Lesbo - Seq.12
Lesbo - Seq.13
Crepuscolo Sul Mare
Lesbo - Seq.17
Lesbo - Seq.19
Drammatica Rinuncia
Sirtaki Di Lesbo
Lesbo - Seq.23
Lesbo - Seq.24
Con Te Per Sempre
Format: LP
Catalogue number:VMLP238