Love of Mine

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This first ever re-release of William Stuckey’s extremely rare southern soul LP. When Brian Sears told me William was still with us and living locally I was shocked that nobody had spoken to him up till now. Not only that but he still had the multitrack tapes at his house.

Unfortunately the tapes were in a bad way and needed some serious work. Our good friend Dan at Audio Archiving Services in Holywood went above and beyond to restore the tape in small sections (despite baking it was still oozing gunk onto the tape transport and heads) then joining the audio back together perfectly. I know not many people would have gone to this trouble and I’m grateful as this music had one last chance.

Released Jan 29th

Country People
The First Time
Wise Men Say
I've Got Plans For You
Love Of Mine
If You Want To
Hold Me Close
Format: LP
Catalogue number:AOTNLP046

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