Paranoid London

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From the ashes of a devastated vinyl industry 10 years ago Paranoid London Records and Paranoid London the band emerged and immediately began bucking the trend in falling vinyl sales. With zero promotion, no interviews, no photos and no downloads their line in stripped down, dirty, sleazy tracks made directly for dancers and DJs caught the imagination of a scene bored shitless of the way things were. The records started to become instant modern classics, going for silly money on sites like discogs. They would sell out before they even hit the shops leading to frenzied pre-orders and people squabbling over the few copies that made it on to the racks.

Combining a rare talent for dancefloor dynamics made with original analogue equipment spitting out often brutal shards of electronic funk - Paranoid London stand head and shoulders above everyone else. PL boasts guest appearances from regular Mutado Pintado, Josh Caffe, Alan Vega, Arthur Baker, Simon Topping and the amazingly named Bubbles Bubblesynski all doing their thing while the pulverising acid house blast rocks your body big time!


light tunnel (ft. mutado pintado)
transmission 5 (ft. mutado pintado)
paris dub 3 (ft. paris brightledge)
machines our coming
lovin u (ahh shit) (ft. dj genesis)
we ain't
eating glue (ft. mutado pintado)
300 hangovers a year (ft. mutado pintado)
paris dub 1 (ft. paris brightledge)
Format: 2xLP+
Catalogue number:PDONLP1WHITE
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