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Jon Lucien is known as one of the most focused and emotional balladeers to ever step in front of a microphone, but it’s his soothing baritone voice that really sets him apart from the rest. On Rashida, Lucien creates an amalgamation of many cultures with his Caribbean folk meets r&b soul/ jazz infused orchestral arrangements. His emotionally charged intensely personal songs are as sublime they are intimate, and set a cinematic breezy feeling that few soul singers can conjure so perfectly. Like many great soul records, this is ultimately an album about romantic love, but the romance here is a transcendent, spiritual force. Romance as a metaphor for the love of God or the love of all humanity, Rashida is one of Lucien’s best-loved albums and would be essential listening to those who are so amorously inclined.


A1 Kuenda
A2 Would You Believe In Me
A3 Lady Love
A4 Luella
A5 Shana
A6 Satan
B1 Rashida
B2 The War Song
B3 Esperanza
B4 Love Everlasting
B5 Zenzile
Format: LP
Catalogue number:RCA161
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