Rembrandt Pussyhorse

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Rembrandt Pussyhorse is the second full-length studio album by Butthole Surfers, released in April 1986 on Touch and Go. Rembrandt Pussyhorse is arguably the most experimental release in Butthole Surfers' considerably experimental catalog. Making heavy use of in-studio tape editing and sound modulation, the album adds piano, organ, and violin, among other sounds, to Butthole Surfers' then-usual battery of electric guitar, bass, and dual drummers.

Rembrandt Pussyhorse is America viewed through a kaleidoscope of Woodstock’s brown acid.

Pressed on limited coloured wax.

Creep in the Cellar
Sea Ferring
American Woman
Waiting for Jimmy to Kick
Strangers Die Everyday
Whirling Hall of Knives
Mark Says Alright
n the Cellar
Format: LP+
Catalogue number:LBV04LRS

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