Saturday Night: South African Disco Pop Hits 81-87

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The 1980s were an epoch of upheaval and rapid change in South Africa. The decade began with the country’s apartheid government fighting to maintain its institutionalized racial segregation in the face of global protests and demands for the release of human rights activist Nelson Mandela, who had been jailed since the early 1960s. By 1990, Mandela was free, and apartheid was on the way to being dismantled. On the music front, things were changing too; At the beginning of the decade, the main music style of black South Africans was the jazzy indigenous jive of mbaqanga, a provincial style that had held its place as the sound of South Africa since Mandela was first imprisoned. By the end of the decade, South African music stars were making international waves with bubblegum, a flashy variety of Afro-techno-pop.


Varikweru - Saturday Night
Margino - You And Me
Hot Soul Singers - Good Vibes
Brenda Fassie - No No Señor
Supa Frika - Let’s Get On It
Brenda Fassie - Love Action
Black Five - Wa Ikgona
Margino – Holiday
Soundburger - Ambiguously The Same
Supa Frika - Love Satisfaction
Format: LP
Catalogue number:COS031LP

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