Seven Days of Falling

£ 29.99


Limited edition Transparent Green vinyl

Originally released in 2003, Seven Days Of Falling is one of the best-selling e.s.t. AKA Esbjörn Svensson Trio albums to date. It captures the band`s unique sound and artistry at their peak.

Seven Days Of Falling features the wonderful ballads ‘Ballad For The Unborn’ and ‘Why She Didn’t Come’ and guides us through great musical landscapes but it is songs like ‘O.D.R.I.P.’ and ‘Elevation Of Love’ that set the pace. The e.s.t. magic that has captured so many admirers is still very much present in their compelling themes, Esbjörn Svensson’s seductive piano melodies, bassist Dan Berglund’s use of bow and sound effects (with Hendrix-like results) and drummer Magnus Öström’s accelerating drum ’n’ bass beats.

Out June 18th