Super Monster

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Super Monster is the first release on Saddest Factory, the new imprint label from Phoebe Bridgers.

When Claud Mintz’s mother finally heard the 13 songs on her kid’s magnetic first album, Super Monster, she asked a concerned question: Just how many people had her 21-year-old dated? From beginning to end, these sparkling pop tunes capture the assorted stages of a relationship’s delight and dejection—the giddy sensation of a first kiss during the beaming Overnight, the heartsick longing of a pending rejection during the yearning Jordan, the reluctant call for a requisite breakup during the smoldering Ana. Claud, though, replied that these songs detailed the phases of only two or three relationships, simply written during them or at various points after they were over.

Soft Spot
In Or In-Between
Cuff Your Jeans
Ana ft. Nick Hakim
Guard Down
This Town
That's Mr. Bitch To You ft. Melanie Faye
Rocks At Your Window
Falling With The Rain ft. Shelly
Format: LP
Catalogue number:SAD001LP-C1

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