Take A Seat

£ 14.99


Limited edition Mulberry Vinyl

Nia Wyn grew up in Llandudno in North Wales where, despite the town’s breathtaking views, she found herself battling with demons relating to isolation, identity and mental health.

Her unique storytelling style, along with such distinctive and raw vocals, has made Wyn into one of the top emerging female artists now coming out of the UK, her classic influences filtering through her singular songwriting into an entirely modern sound.


Come Home To You
Imma Be Honest ft. Aaron London
Such A Shame
Muzzle ft. R.A.E
Who Asked You
Getting High ft. Deyah
Don't Rely On Me
Freckles/Argyll Road (Outro)
Format: 12"
Catalogue number:NIAWYN1EP

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