Till Another Time: 1988-1996

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When Linda Smith purchased a 4 track cassette recorder in the mid-1980s, it was not with the intention of launching a solo career. At the time, she was playing guitar in a band called the Woods, and thought it would be useful for sharing demos with her bandmates. In the end, the 4 track outlasted the Woods, but Smith had already started toying around with her own songs. The new hobby followed her from New York back to her native Baltimore, and over the next decade she'd release several albums worth of delicate, bewitching solo music on cassette. Till Another Time: 1988-1996 is the first retrospective collection of Smith's charmingly lo-fi music, situating her as a pioneer of the home recording boom that persists today.


I See Your Face
In This
A Crumb Of Your Affection
All I Did
Till Another Time (Alternate Lo-Fi Mix)
I’ll Never See You Again
I Just Had To
Imaginary Conversation
There’s A...
Wandering You Know
I So Liked The Spring (1996 Version)
Format: LP
Catalogue number:CT335LP

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