Volume One

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This is the musical debut from Zooey Deschanel and M Ward. immediately struck by one another's talents and finding an instant rapport, zooey let slip that she wrote her own songs which she recorded alone at home on her computer. Somewhat shy about anyone hearing these musical morsels she eventually sent the demos to matt who was instantly impressed. They soon reconvened at his Portland studio to begin work.

Embracing the warm sound of early analog recordings, Volume One is more than just a showcase for Zooey's rich and endearing voice; it's a distinctive and endlessly charming album. the songs themselves give a respectful nod to the likes of Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt and the zombies while matt's production gives them just the right amount of golden era sheen. whether Zooey's channeling Ronnie Spector as on 'i was made for you' or joining matt in turning the Beatles 'i should have known better' into a seductive hula guitar duet, the results are always captivating.


Sentimental heart
Why do you let me stay here?
This is not a test
Change is hard
I thought i saw your face today
Take it back
I was made for you
You really got a hold on me
Black hole
Got me
I should have known better
Sweet darlin'
Swing low sweet chariot
Format: LP
Catalogue number:MRG324LP
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