Gothenburg Shop

Set at the corner of Järntorget, Linnégatan, Haga and Andra långgatan, Peckham Soul Göteborg will explore the diversity of this vibrant and outward looking city.

From our first UK Shop, our aim remain is the same - to build an inclusive space in which the diversity of its location is central. We will reflect a universal truth, that people make a city, that these people come from different background with different stories. It is this unique mix of different voices which creates a vibrant and original space.

Gothenburg is uniquely positioned to do this. A port city, it has been a gateway for welcoming people, music and ideas.   


From formative Jazz and Blues clubs in the 50’s where new LPs would find there way from the docks into the hands of musicians and music lovers, through to Beat, Psych & Prog and the counter culture politics of the 60’s and 70’s, though to the city’s engagement with contemporary music, Gothenburg listens and explores.  

Our designs will explore this unique Social and cultural history and central role music has played in the lifeblood of the city. These designs will only be exclusively available at out physical store and through our website.


The global reach of our music will offer a range of titles previously unavailable throughout both Sweden and Scandinavia. With a focus on Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Northern Soul, as well as Reggae, Ska and Roots, Afrobeat and Hi-Life, World Music, Hip Hop Electronica, it will reflect both the diversity and eclectic tastes of the city.

Drawing on our UK and Peckham roots, a particular focus will be given to UK street culture. From Mod culture to Rudeboy and Original Skinhead music of the 60’s, to Northern Soul, Raregroove and the Jazz Funk of the 1970’s, to Afro-beat and Hi-Life and World Grooves, to the more contemporary electronic influences of Grime, Dubstep, Dancehall, Jungle and Hip Hop.  

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Opening Times

Tuesday: 11 – 7
Wednesday: 11-7
Thursday: 11 -7
Friday: 11 -7
Saturday 11 -7
Sunday 11 - 5

Getting There

Less than 100 yards from one of Gothenburg’s major transport hubs and served by 5 tram lines and 17 bus links, our shop couldn’t be easier to get to from all over Gothenburg and its surrounding towns.

Trams: 1,3,6,9, 11

Buses: X2, X3, RÖD, 25,1,61, 190, 50, 90, 91,114,193,194,196, 197, 290, 291.